Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cotton Pickin' Kids

The children and I traveled to Georgia for the weekend to celebrate my nephew, Tre's, 5th birthday.I was so happy to see his little face light up when he had all his friends and family sing to him. I could tell that he really enjoyed himself, and felt like it was his special day. It was a fun pool party at mom and dads. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and I was thrilled to get to spend some time with Mom, Dad, and Larry.

There is a cotton field just off Mom and Dad's house, and Dad cut a path for the kids to check things out. Steven was very impressed by how our clothing is made up of the stuff. He decided to bring some home in a ziploc bag so that we can "make a shirt or two." Silly boy.

The Bucs won their game today against Atlanta. Yipeee!! (Just in case some of you didn't notice in the score keeper to the right.) I am getting ready to go down stairs to watch the game from my DVR. Then, it is off to another fun filled week of school in the a.m.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

YaYa's Birthday

This past Monday we had a birthday celebration for YaYa. For my American friends, that is "Grandmother" in Greek. We had a pool party at her house. George manned the grill, the kids and I made cake and cooked. Pete and Heather had their hands full with my adorable new little neice. It was just a small family party. I haven't blogged in a while, so I figured I better get to it before I fall off the blogging wagon.

We have been so very busy with the first few weeks of school, and getting into the routine of things again. Back to ballet, t-ball, and awana. Not to mention that Steven has homework every night of the week with the exception of Fridays! I will blog some photos of the extra curricular stuff to share later. Here are photos from the party.

Oh by the way, does anyone know how to make your blog private????