Friday, May 14, 2010

Amanda Lily's Mermaid Party

Now you see them..........

Now you don't!!!!!

This past weekend was Amanda Lily's Bday Party. Here are a few pictures from the day.I made Mermaid Punch (blue gatorade), and we had PB & J in the shape of Fish and Starfish. Also, Goldfish crackers, fruit, and chocolate covered strawberries.

So, it is birthday season here in the Kountanis family, and I need to get in a post. I have so much that I feel like I have'nt posted yet, and much more coming as the month flies by.This year's plan is to have two individual parties with friends, then one big double party with family. This way, I don't end up with 100 people at my house at one time! The kids birthdays being only a week apart can really turn up the stress level for me. I LOVE entertaining. I LOVE having parties, and planning from beginning to end.I'm not so sure how much I love doing them only a week apart though!!!!

Anyhow, Amanda Lily's Birthday is this Sunday, the 16th. However, we pushed her party back to last weekend because she has her ballet recital this Saturday and Sunday (15th and 16th).

She wanted to have a Mermaid Party, but she was very specific.....NOT LITTLE MERMAID, MOM!!! So, this is what she got. The pool was the perfect entertainment. Everyone loved swimming. We had some mermaid dancing and bubbles, but mostly swimming.

I made her cupcakes myself, and found these adorable mermaid toppers online. ( I was so happy with the look. Most of the decor was seashells, and mermaid jewels. I don't have a picture of the favors I made, but they were cute. I put sand in a small glass jar with white glitter and a few tiny seashells. I sealed it with hot glue and a cork, then topped it with a small seashell.I wrapped a rafia ribbon around it and wrote "Magic Sea Dust" as the message. Amanda Lily told all of her friends that they could shake the bottle, and wish to become a mermaid, and that if they were at the ocean, they would transform!!! (Such innocence)

Nana made these adorable mermaid tails for each girl, along with flower headbands, and bracelets. These were a big hit!! I got most of my ideas from the super talented Amy, at Check it out!
What cute little mermaids, huh??

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