Friday, April 9, 2010


Have you ever loved an animal so much it hurt? My family is now hurting over our Golden Retriever "Zoey". She passed away on April 1st. We have had her since 1997. She was mine and George's first child. She was the first pet he ever had. She brought such joy to us. She was everything a pet should be. The house is not the same without her in it. Maybe another post I'll share the story of her death. Right now it is just too fresh. All I can say is that her passing has been HARD CORE. Almost so painful that I don't want to have pets. I know it sounds absurd to love a pet so deeply, but she was so much a part of our family. I snapped this photo of her in February. I remember she was being so funny, wanting my attention, backing her rump up on me to scratch her, while I was trying to take photos of the kids. You know, the Greeks say that joys and sorrows come in 3's. After losing both of our Grandmothers within the last 6 months, we are really hoping that Zoey's passing is the last of the sorrows of death for us for a while.