Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sad Day for Mommy

Monday August 24Th, was a sad day for me because I sent my "baby" off to Kindergarten. I've got mom here as a support system, which has been GREAT!!! Here are a few shots from that first day. Steven is a Big 2ND grader now....imagine. I just shake my head. Cherish the time you have girls, it is gone before you know it! Sniff Sniff....

These are little goodie bags I made for each Teacher. They are filled with classroom supplies like Construction Paper, scissors, glue, crayons, markers, pencils, and erasers. It doesn't take much effort to do something to let the Teachers know you are there to help when you can. All these things are on clearance in a lot of stores now, so you can even get them for cheap. I made the bags out of brown paper bags and scrapbooking materials. Anyone with school aged kids should give a little creativity a try, it will put a smile on your Teachers face knowing that you thought of them!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Final Summer Shindig

For our last summer get away, we took the kids over to Nick Jr Suites in Orlando. It was a lot of fun for Amanda Lily and Steven, and George and I got a chance to let our inner kid out! The slides were awesome, and the hotel itself was very kid friendly. We met Sponge Bob and the gang, and went to 3D movies. My favorite part of the trip was the Family Goes Wild on Stage. It was a stage show where the audience is made up of families who interact....very high energy and entertaining.

At one point we decided to go over to the other side of the property where most the families of younger children hang out. The lifeguards insisted Amanda Lily wear a life jacket. She was NOT having it. She said "um....I can swim" but he wasn't budging, so I took it with us just in case she changed her mind. Steven ran off to get on the slides, and she happily splashed around in the pool with her Dad for about an hour. She came over to the chair I was laying out in, and said "ok mom, I guess I'll wear it if I have to" So, I helped her put it on and snapped the snap between her legs. She turned around and said with her arms wide open, "see mom.....THIS IS NOT FABULOUS!!!!! It's yellow...YELLOW!" I looked at George and we both were trying our best not to laugh because she was obviously very upset. I told her that the rules were that kids 5 and under had to wear the life jacket, so we were going to follow the rules. That didn't really help because she then told me "but Mommy, I am not a little kid" I told her I understood but that if she wanted to go down the slides, she was going to have to wear it and get over it. And, that is exactly what she did. Honestly I have no idea where she got the word "fabulous", I don't use it. It was funny though. You never know what a child is thinking, feeling, or what they might say. Especially Amanda Lily, being that she seems to call it as she sees it, without an adult filter.
George stood with both kids under the slime bucket and they all got a whole mess of the green stuff dumped on them. I'd say that was the kids favorite.....they talk about it a lot.
It was a fun time, and I highly recommend the place for great family memories.