Monday, July 26, 2010

Greece Vacation Part I Beaches

We had a wonderful time in Greece with family and friends for the month we were there. I took so many photos that I am breaking my posts into chapters! If you want to see the inland photos, check out my next post.
I thought I would start with trips we took to the islands and beaches, and show you the beautiful sites. My personal favorite was called "Ellaphonisos" The water was amazing. It graduated in color from clear to soft aqua to deep blue. GORGEOUS! The kids favorite was "Kalamata" because we rented a boat with a slide on top for them to slide down into the ocean. By the way....Kalamata is where most Kalamata olives come from. "Spilya" beach was also lovely, but it had large rocks, no sand, that we had to walk on and sit on. We called it white rock beach. At our local beach, the kids enjoyed burying each other and Daddy in the sand. Just as in years past, we had a big time at the beaches!


Jeanne said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!

Trish Buffkin said...

I can smell the salt air and hear the water.... I'm ready to go!