Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas on Yia Yia's Farm

Christmas afternoon and dinner was spent out at the family farm. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, conversation, gifting, and of course Greek dancing! One highlight was all the fun I had with my new camera, so lots of pictures!!!! I've warned the kids that if they think I was annoying with my camera before, they ain't seen nothin yet!

Yia Yia made everyone's favorite, Galacobourecto

Yia Yia's gift to Amanda Lily was a sewing machine. How exciting!

Everyone had so much fun playing with Yanni. This was his first Christmas, so it was a special one.

Amanda Lily made him a special gift. The first thing she ever sewed on her own.....a blanket for baby Yanni. She and I went to the craft store and she chose the fabrics and thread. The pictures do it no justice at all. It is yellow and teal blue with little animals all over it. She was so happy to give it to him, and as small as he is, he seemed very glad to have it! He immediately put it over his head and started playing peek a boo with her. So Sweet.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning 2012

Hubs and I did all the Christmas wrapping a few nights before Christmas Eve. When all of our family was gone, and the kiddos were settled in bed, we waited until there was silence. The next morning, we had an exciting time letting the kids open their presents, and giving each other special gifts. I love a good surprise, and Christmas morning is the ultimate.

George got Steven his Diving gear. Steven will take the certification classes and tests this Spring. Hopefully diving will become a relaxing hobby these two can share and bond over.

Amanda Lily's dance instructor once told me that even though she is one of the smallest in her class, she is a fierce and determined dancer. When I saw this T Shirt, I thought she must have it.

George bought these adorable boots for Amanda Lily. He also spoiled me with two pairs of Tory Burch boots, and my favorite Christmas gift of all time.....Canon DSLR 60D. Woo Hoo!

After all the Christmas Eve hustle and bustle, then waiting up until the wee hours, then waking in the early morning light, we were ready for a long winters nap. However, the kids were ready for Christmas breakfast. George had already gone back to bed and there was no moving him. So, we all pilled up in our bed and had breakfast together there. He and I did get in a little nap before heading off to Christmas with his Mom at the family farm.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Cookies for Santa

Silent Night....Holy Night

Christmas Eve started just as it usually does for our the kitchen. My Mom aka Nana, myself, and our helper, Amanda Lily spent most of the morning cooking. On the menu: Turkey, Cranberry Relish, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans with Bacon, Tomato Salad with Feta, Baked Squash and Onions, and Yeast Rolls. Dessert was a delicious Pumpkin Roll one of our work "family" members, Ms Debbie made. I was so touched when George brought it home from work and said she had made it especially for our families Christmas meal.

We kicked the evening off with a candlelight service at church. I sang traditional Christmas carols with the Ensemble, as usual. During the candle lighting, Amanda Lily sang "Silent Night" with Ms Pat. It was so sweet hearing her young voice sing out while we passed the light of the world. Our church passes candles every year, and it is almost always my favorite part of Christmas Eve.

After church, our family gathered at our home for Christmas Eve Dinner. After everyone went home, we shared Christmas gifts with Nana, Popa, Uncle Larry, and Tre'.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Annual Disney Christmas Trip

The most memorable part of this particular trip was when two "elves" approached our family and told us that they had been looking all over for us. Santa sent them to find us with a special treat for our kids. He said they had been so good this year that they needed to share this ice cream/brownie/cookie concoction that was bigger than their heads. Steven and Amanda Lily were delighted......

We also enjoyed all the Christmas lights, and dancing the Cha Cha slide and cupid shuffle at Goofy's dance party. There were literally NO LINES. We rode all of the roller coasters twice, and were able to walk around the new additions to the park without dealing with crowds.We left around 1 am, all partied out. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pointe Shoes and Pajamas Party

When the director of Amanda Lily's dance studio asked me to help her plan a Christmas party for the upper level, older girls, I was happy to help. She had an idea, but didn't know how to make it all come together, so between the two of us, we pulled it off. The party theme was "Pointe Shoes and Pajamas." We gathered old pointe shoes, and each girl had one to paint or embellish. We set up three separate stations, paint, ribbon, and sparkly jewels and feathers.The girls all came to the party in their pajamas, and had an afternoon of laid back fun and snacks.

We decorated the studio's Christmas Tree with the finished pointe shoes, then gave each girl her shoe to take home at Christmas break. Amanda Lily's had a special spot on our tree, although she liked taking it down, and trying it on for size every now and then. Not just yet baby girl, but keep up the hard work, and you'll earn those pointe shoes before you know it. For now we have this one....

This one was Amanda Lily's design.