Monday, July 23, 2012

Ballet Summer Intensive 2012

Amanda Lily did a two week summer intensive this year at her ballet school. This included new instructors, and new dance experiences. She was introduced to character, modern, jazz, and of course yoga or core. This camp was hard work. 9 am til 3:30 pm 2 weeks in a row. She ate it up, and we soaked her in epsom salt baths every night. She worked hard, and learned that not all dance instructors have the same sweet personality as Mrs Wheeler. At the end of camp, she told me that she LOVED doing core work, and classical ballet was still her very favorite. She enjoyed character a lot, but could care less for the jazz.  These are a couple of pics I took during the parent observation at the end of camp. 

This is during classical.

This is during character.

Scolding a bad boy during character.

Striking a ballet pose with friend Sophia.

Being goofy during a break with the two Hannah's.