Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Name Day Daddy!

Today our family is celebrating George. It is his "Name Day". This is a day celebrated in Greek culture. It is treated allot like a birthday, but traditionally, the honoree is who pays for dinner and drinks. Our kids both have their own name days as well. On these days, I make it a point to make something sweet for them to share with our friends and family. This morning, Amanda Lily and I made Daddy a Name Day cake.

Every Greek is named after a Saint and on the day of their baptism, it is official. From that day forward, the person celebrates their Name Day along with all the others who share the same name. If your name happens to be one that doesn't have a specific day, you celebrate on "All Saints Day". Today is St. George's day, being celebrated by many Greeks named George. So, if you happen to know one, tell him "Happy Name Day", or if you really want to make an impression, say "Cronya Pola" which is "many years" in Greek.

Happy Name Day Babe, we love you so much!


lori said...

Well Happy Name day to your man

Jeanne said...

Happy Name Day George! I wish I could have a piece of that cake!!

Shesha said...

WoW..I've never heard of name day before...sounds like fun =) That cake looks yummy!!