Thursday, September 17, 2009

Apple Cake Balls

My friend Heather called me a couple of weeks back raving about these treats that I just "had to make". One of my other friends, Trish, called a few days later telling me all about the same treats, so I figured it was meant for me to give them a try. Trish and I joined forces in her kitchen, and took them on together. We were making a total of around 90 "apples". Enough for each of our kids classes. They turned out really ADORABLE, and we had lots of fun making them together. We learned a lot in our creative process. Next time will be easier, bc we now know what to expect, and what needs tweaking in the recipe.

Amanda Lily told me that all her friends said they wish their Moms would make them, so her class enjoyed them for sure. The Teachers who saw them ooooooood and awwwwwwwwd over them, so I'm pretty sure they were a solid hit. I must say though, every adult that tried them, myself included, felt they were a little sweet. So next time, I think they will be a bon bon, one bite size. If you want to give them a shot, let me know and I'll post the recipe, or just head on over to Bakerella where we got our creative inspiration! She has so many cute ideas. I was thinking of doing them again, but in an Autumn theme. September 22 is the official first day of Autumn, and I thought it would be a fun excuse to make them again. Anyone have any ideas of what I could shape the cake balls into that would be appropriate for that?

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