Friday, June 4, 2010

New Mantle Bling

I have new "bling" for our mantle! Today was Steven's 2nd Grade awards ceremonies, and once again, he did us proud. This was also his first day back to school, but he only stayed for half the day. He received numerous awards, but his favorite is the trophy. Nana, Daddy, and I were so glad to see the smile on his face as he crossed the stage and heard the accolades. He is a stellar student, and we couldn't be happier for him. Go Baby Go!!!!!!

PS...I'm sure you noticed the Greek music in the background. I couldn't resist!!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Turn Around Day

Today is Steven's turn around day. Last night was the first night he slept all night, without needing a shower to dull the pain. Therefore, I got a full nights rest myself! Also, he was able to eat some ravioli that I made in a simple olive oil with Parmesan cheese sauce. He scarfed it down so fast, then asked for more. He is up and around and being his lively self. No fever. I am so happy and relieved! Woo Hoo!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kindergarten Awards

Amanda Lily had her Kindergarten awards ceremony today. She was so happy to go on stage and collect her awards for the hard work she has put into this school year. She recieved top honors in accelerated reading and math super stars. The one award she didn't get is "perfect attendance". I told her not to ever expect that's just not a Kountanis thing. LOL. George and I are super proud of her, and can't believe she is going into First Grade!!! Here she is with her sweet Teacher, Mrs Schneck.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Peas Get Well Soon!

Aunt Heather and Sophie stopped by the house with a balloon bouquet for Steven. I had to post a photo of this balloon to look back on, because it is just so darn cute! Steven's recovery is textbook. It seems that everything listed in the literature the Doctor sent us home with has happend right on cue. We are half way there now! He has told us that he "wants his tonsils back", because of the pain, and inability to eat solid foods. The whole ice cream thing is old news to him now. I wouldn't be surprised if he never wants ice cream again! Another thing he said to me is "I want to do a worksheet, Mom" He is referring to school work. I almost fell over, because what kid begs to do school work? Poor guy....he's over it, and ready to get back to his routines. I did take him into class for a short visit with his friends. He hugged them all, and told them all about his surgery. Mrs Fischer and I got a kick out of him saying his body "felt like dust and then I closed my eyes" when they gave him the gas to put him to sleep. He also said how he was telling the Doctors "I don't like this.....I don't like this at all!!!" just before he dozed off.
Everyday is better for him. He is taking fewer and fewer showers, which is a good sign. He has been in the shower upwards of 10 times just trying to cope. I guess he's like his Mom in that way, cause anytime I'm in pain or stressed, baths work magic to comfort me. Must be something about warm water. He has lost 5 lbs due to not eating.
I can't wait until this is all just a distant memory, and he is 100%. Sooner than later now!