Friday, May 28, 2010

Checking things off

scroll to bottom of post for chicken and rice/Jewish penicillin recipe

I am at home with Steven, and I feel like making a "jail break". LOL. His recovery is coming along, but it is much like a roller coaster. One minute he is up, then he is in bed with a 102.5 fever. He is not giving me too much grief over having his food pureed. I feel like I'm having a flashback to when he was a baby, and I pureed everything! He is being a good sport about it. I call him my brave little trooper. Although, he is only eating a few bites, because it makes him cry to swallow it. He says it really hurts, so I don't push. At least I feel good about the bites he does take. I've been reading Narnia to him, and we love the quiet time together. I haven't read to him in forever. Ever since he started reading on his own, he does just that! He reads at "lights on" time every night before bed. I still read with Amanda Lily, because she needs some help, but not him. He's not felt well enough to read, so I've been reading to him.
We made it through 2 birthday parties, a ballet recital weekend, and now Steven's surgery. I feel like I am just checking things off my "to do" list, and it sure feels good. We had been planning our big double bday party for Memorial Day, but I had to cancel because Steven is not allowed to swim for two weeks. I'm not sure if we will even be able to make it happen at all this year.
Next up is packing for Greece. Yes, we are taking the trip on June 21st. (Like 3 weeks) I am super excited to spend a month there with friends and family. My Dad in Law is already at our house in Greece making sure everything is in place, and the house is ready for our arrival. What will make this years trip extra special, is that our first cousin is getting married! I met her over 14 years ago on my first visit to Greece. She was just a little girl then, and we bonded big time. She and a couple of the other girl cousins actually are the ones who taught me all the Greek dances. I am super super excited to spend this special time with our family. She is the first of the cousins to get married, (besides George and his brother), and our whole HUGE Greek family is all abuzz. Even more fun is that Steven and Amanda Lily are in the wedding! I can't wait for that reception. We will be dancing until the sun comes up, I'm sure. I could get emotional just thinking about it. I'm sure I'll cry at the sight of her in her gown. Her Grooms name is George, so I am so happy for her. I know she will have a life full of love and passion and just goes with the name Right?

I watched Jeanne on Wheel of Fortune last night. She did AWESOME! She won some cool stuff in a 30 min time frame. I am so happy for her.

I've been in the kitchen a lot since being home with Steven. My Sister in Law gave me this awesome recipe chocked full of nutrition to help Steven heal. If you have a sick one, I highly recommend this. I tweaked it a little for my family, and you can do the same.

Jewish Penicillin
Boil a whole chicken for an hour. Skim off white foam that rises to the surface. Add water as needed. I use a Greenwise Chicken from Publix.
While chicken is boiling, chop:
1 lg sweet onion
1 bunch celery
3 parsnips

Remove chicken, completely debone and return chicken pieces to broth. Add chopped veggies, and one bag greenwise baby carrots, and one bag frozen corn.
Add sea salt and pepper to taste. Add 2 cups Jasmine Rice. Let simmer, stirring every now and then, until rice has absorbed broth.
*This ends up being "Chicken and Rice" If you want more of a soup texture, use only 1 cup of Jasmine Rice. would LOVE this!!!! Try it.

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