Thursday, December 29, 2011

Classroom Christmas

Amanda Lily's class had a fun Christmas idea. For the three weeks up until Christmas break, each child had a secret Santa. Week 1 you brought in a home made Christmas ornament for your SS. Week 2 it was a letter telling your SS what you admire most about them. Then, week 3 was a home made treat. The idea was to keep it to yourself, and the big SS reveal was on the Friday before break. Each child was given 3 tries to guess who they thought their SS was. Amanda Lily was the last person to guess, so by then she had figured out that her SS was Shea. Amanda Lily had Fallon, and she didn't guess it was her, so Amanda Lily was happy that she had kept the secret.

                                    Amanda Lily and her SS Shea
I made this easy, healthy snack I saw in Family fun magazine. It's supposed to look like a Christmas Tree. Buy one bunch of parsley, 3 kinds of cheese cubes, and one pint cherry tomatoes. Arrange the parsley in the shape of a Christmas tree, then layer the cheeses and tomatoes. Quick, easy, and festive snack the kids will eat!

Steven's class decided to have an ice cream bar as their Christmas celebration. After all, it has been in the 80's around here. I love the way Mrs Roberts runs her classroom. It's a democracy. The kids come up with the ideas/themes, and organize the whole shebang. One of them suggested that everyone bring in their favorite board game to play.(Steven brought Battleship) When I walked into the classroom and saw the mass chaos, I thought "Mrs Roberts is da bomb!" What's even funnier? It took me a minute to find her because she was playing a game with the kids, and blended in perfectly. Check out this photo.

Mrs Roberts also let the kids make their own music bands, and use their laptops to go onto Itunes  and make up beats and songs. They wrote their own lyrics, and each group performed. Steven, Bailey, and Max called themselves SMFAO. You know, instead of LMFAO. Steven told me they changed the L to an S because he was the lead singer and the other boys were the "guest stars" Good thing these boys don't know what the other letters stand for. Or do they? Hmmm.  Anyhow, Mrs Roberts told me she would upload all the kids original songs to disks for them to bring home. I really like the way Steven's turned out. It sounds along the lines of Coldplay. Here they are getting ready for their performance.

See you next year school!

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