Thursday, August 21, 2008

When I Grow Up

I am so happy to have this little has brought me back together with so many friends that I haven't seen or heard from since highschool! I love seeing how everyone has changed into who they would be "when I grow up". I have to say that I am so proud of all of us! We are wives, mothers, friends, and most of all we are helpers to others. Each one making a mark on the world in some small way. And, making a mark on the lives of our children who will be future movers and shakers. You go girls!


Jeanne said...

It's so crazy to be communicating with you after like 13 years...! It's nice, very nice! :) I still feel like I should be able to say, "When I grow up..."

Denise said...

Hi Cyndi!! I didn't even recognize you when I saw your picture on Jeanne's blog. How the heck are ya? You have two kids? Man - alot has happened since high school, huh??? I hope you're doing well!

Hannah said...

Hello Cyndi! So nice to be able to see your kids via email! What a great connection we do have with blogs, I just love it!!
Take care and I will be in touch via our blogs soon!!


millie said...

This is a good idea. We think about you guys often. Miss you and hope to see you soon.