Friday, September 4, 2009

10th Anniversary

George and I celebrated our BIG 10th Anniversary this year! Honestly, it feels like we are living in a time just goes by so quickly. We took a weekend cruise on Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas. It was so nice to n0t have anything planned, and just be. We took naps in the afternoons, ate breakfast in bed or on our private balcony. We were total loafers! We walked the streets of Nassau shopping, and ran into this little Greek Cafe. It was good timing because then came the torrential down pour of rain! We sat there talking to the owner and his wife while drinking our Greek Coffee's and eating Baklava for almost 2 hours. I snapped a photo of the cafe as we were leaving. It is the one with the Blue and White (Greek) Flag on the exterior. Next, we did some shopping at the local "Straw Market". George could have done without that part of the trip, but he tolerated it well. I even talked him into having a couples massage, which he thanked me for. It was WONDERFUL! Another highlight was that we played BINGO! I haven't played since I was a kid, but it was lots of fun.
We made a great time of our Anniversary. I am so very blessed that I have George as a husband. He is such an honorable man, and an old school romantic. My Angel. The rest is to be continued........

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Deborah said...

awww. how sweet! happy 10th anniversary! a weekend cruise sounds like just what i need!!! congrats!