Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentine's Day Tea

Amanda Lily invited a Kindergarten friend, Gracie, over for a play date. The girls were super excited to spend time together outside of school, and I used Valentine's Day as an excuse to spoil them by setting up a little tea party for two. They were so cute dressing up in proper attire, and sipping tea. They enjoyed chocolate covered strawberries and petit fors I picked up from Publix while grocery shopping. I brewed some raspberry tea, and they were set. I used my special china tea pot to serve them. I was so happy to do it. I feel like these are "the times of my life", and I should take every opportunity to make them special for my young children. Before I know it, they will be grown and gone, and my hope is to not wish I had done things differently. I encourage all of my friends to try and make special moments and memories that you and your children will cherish all their lives. It really does'nt take much effort at all to make a child's day.

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Splendid! Photography said...

oh Cyndi! This is so cute!! They are just so precious all dressed up!!! What a great mommy you are!