Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Greece Vacation Part II Land Adventures

Greece is known for its islands and beaches, but where my husbands blood line is from is considered mainland. He is from a village called Mystras. It is just on the outskirts of Sparta, so if you've seen the movie "The 300", those are his ancestors! Cool huh? Anyhow, these photos are all mainland Greece. Monemvasia is a rock formation in the middle of the sea that has a town inside. The cobblestone streets and shops built into the mountain are surreal. Next, are some of my favorite photos from Athens. I went with our cousin, and a friend. It was HOT!!!!! Once we arrived at the top, the breeze was awesome, and how amazing is it that the ancients were able to build the Acropolis. Then there was this church, St Gregory's. I wondered through in complete awe. It is the home church to the Greek Arch Deice. They had bones of Saints there, and monks singing Gregorian chants. I felt like I was in a holy place. I'll never forget the way I felt, but it's hard to describe. Our cousin Panagiote, was with me, and he felt it too. Let's see, next was the Spilya. It's this cave that was discovered in the 1950's. It has stalagmites growing that are old as the earth. We were rowed through by a tour guide in these little boats. The cold air inside the caves were a welcome change to the heat outside. There are lots of photos here, but I took over 1200, so imagine trying to narrow it down! Enjoy!

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