Friday, November 2, 2012

Go Crusaders....

On the ride home from school one fall afternoon, Steven told me he wanted to play on his school's JV Basketball team. Being that his achiles heel injury was healed up, and he was finished with physical therapy, I thought it was a great idea. Problem is, neither hubs or I know anything about basketball. Over the last few weeks, we have learned a lot from going to his games. I have to say, I was so thrilled to see some of the moms in the stands being passionate about the game. They really reminded me of myself and football. I wasn't sure if it would be a different experience because our kids attend a private Christians school. We really get going cheering sometimes, and I love it.

Steven is learning so much, and we welcome the change from football. Honestly, I am hoping he develops a love for basketball even more than football. Not that it's not physical, the kids are just not constantly wanting to take each others heads off. Anyhow, he and his classmates are the 5th graders, so they are the kids who only get to play during the last 2 minutes of the game. The 6th graders are the starters. I remember Steven saying to Uncle Pete how sorry he was that he didn't get to play more when he came to one of his home games. Uncle Pete was so wise in his response. He said, "Steven, buddy you gotta be the bug before you are the windshield." 

Over Christmas break, Steven attended a basketball camp that is run by an ex NBA player. He learned so much at the camp, and dedicated himself to improving his game.

So far, his team is UNDEFEATED! They have a real chance of going to the equivalent of Play Offs next month. Go Crusaders!

Steven and his basketball classmates wear ties to school on home game days. They look like mini salesmen to

So proud of our boy.

Uncle Pete is so smart with his advice.

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