Monday, July 1, 2013

Greece 2013

This summer we were blessed to get the chance to go back to Greece to visit our family! The kids and I traveled there separate of hubs for two weeks, then he joined us for the remaining two weeks for a total of a month. We had an amazing time catching up with our family members. So much had changed in 3 years, but then again, it was like we never left. Seeing these pictures again makes me long for our family. We had the best time with my father in law, and also an amazing trip to Northern Greece, just the four of us.

One of the first things the kids wanted to do when we arrived at our house was slip and slide on the marble balcony. They would get a nice running start then slide down the marble giving themselves "marble burn" and squeeling with delight.

Our cousins were still in school, and the school was nice enough to let Steven and Amanda Lily come to class with them. Papou' packed them lunches each morning, then Aunt Heidi would come pick them up. They had a fun time making new friends. All the girls loved Amanda Lily's long blonde hair.

Saturday morning Vegetable market in downtown Sparta.

Picking Cherries out of the neighbors tree at our families mountain home in Agrianos. Amanda Lily would eat them before Papou' could pick them!

In the two weeks hubs was still in the States, Papou' took us on many adventures. We saw and experienced all things Greek, and loved every minute of our time with him.
When Hubs arrived, we kicked it in high gear and did a lot of traveling. ...
Here he is throwing Amanda Lily around in the pool in Northern Greece. We stayed at a hotel called Ionian Blue. It was amazing.

Our favorite getaway was to Northern Greece (6 hours from home) where we stayed and explored for 5 days. We rented a boat for a day and cruised to the different islands, stopping frequently to snorkel.

Saying Goodbye to family is never an easy thing to do. Here we were saying goodbye before heading the spend two days in Athens, then back to Florida.

In Athens, we had to fit in a ride on the underground Metro. Steven had been on the Metro 3 years prior, but he still relished every second of it.

Our sweet cousin Paraskevi, who lives in Athens, gave us the day tour. 

We visited the Greek Parliament, and a beautiful garden.

And found more cousins to have lunch with.

This is the view of our olive trees from the balcony at home in Sparta.

The island of Elafonisos is so gorgeous. It is the most beautiful island that is close to our home in Sparta. We make the 3 hour drive every time we go to Greece.

At our hotel in Northern Greece, we had our own personal infinity swimming pool that overlooked the Ionian Sea.

Before leaving the islands in Northern Greece, we visited a local church where we each lit a candle as a symbolic prayer.

Our final tradition is to grasp the door handle before leaving. Greek's believe that doing this will cause you to return home once again. I can't wait til we do. 

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