Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Every year, our church has a pumpkin patch. This past Thursday, the pumpkins were delivered. Our Wednesday night club, Awana Cubbies and Sparks, asked that we bring the kids out to help unload over 1000 pumkins and ghourds. I thought it was a great chance to teach the kids about teamwork, and also, who doesn't like a pumpkin? It was organized that the adults lined up in one line, and the small children another. They literally tossed the large pumpkins down the adult line, and the smaller ones down the kids line. I have a TON of photos to share. Those of you who are close to me know I am a shutterbug big time. I usually like to let the photos tell the stories.

It was a fun time. We didn't select our pumpkins just yet, we'll probably pick out a couple on a Sunday after church. I'll take photos of that as well, and share them later.


Jeanne said...

Don't you just LOVE fall? I can feel the crispness in the air just looking at those pictures. Pumpkin patches rock! :) I'm glad you're back! Missed you.
Jake is doing great without the paci. It took a few days, but consistency is the trick!!! Take care.

Jennifer said...

I just love pumpkin pics! You need to give your blog a fall border girl!

Hannah said...

I love pumpkin patches! We went to one in Georgia and there is nothing like it! Pumpkins to me just are a welcomed sign that cooler weather is on the way! YEAH!!
So grab some hot apple cider and slice of pumpkin pie and let's welcome fall!

Deborah said...

i LOVE your pictures. isn't it floridians don't get a fall season with the leaves but give us a truckload of pumpkins and we're all good!