Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Grade Field Trip

Today was our class's trip to the zoo! Mrs. Keyes told me not to worry about coming in with Steven until around 9:00, because the buses weren't leaving until 9:15. I thought, perfect.....she is giving me some extra time to get our lunches packed, etc. Well, Steven was fully dressed from head to toe on top of me in my bed at 6:30am chanting "field trip, field trip" So, I dragged myself out and went ahead into school at 8:00. George took Amanda Lily to breakfast, then they were off to the restaurant. She really enjoys helping set up at the store anyways, but that is another blog.

We rode the big yellow bird, because I didn't want Steven to miss the whole experience. It was windy, but not overly hot, so we had a good time. I was having throw backs to my childhood. I'm not sure how many of you have been on a school bus lately, but they haven't changed much since our day. Steven has begged me all year to ride it to and from school, but I just look at him and say "honey, you just need to get over are not riding the school bus" It is totally me, and I accept it, but it's just not gonna happen.

We had a nice lunch in the park area upon arrival, then broke into groups and toured the park. I found my friend Trish who was chaperone for Ben's class, and we navigated the place together. I was really surprised at the animals they had there. Not that it's Lowry Park Zoo, but it was fun for the kids to see the alligators, leopards, elephants, emu, snakes, lemurs, eagles, and my personal favorite....kangaroos! Another really cool looking animal was an alligator monitor. It was like this giant lizard looking thing with fluorescent spots. They also got to feed the mountain goats, which was super cool for them.

Some of the photos show Steven with our group, as well as one on the bus ride where he was sitting with his Spanish Teacher Sra. Catala, and his good friend Kaitlyn.


Deborah said...

sounds fun...i'm thinking of taking evan to the zoo this week since i'm still on spring break. :) ps...i'm thinking of doing your strawberry preserves recipe tonight with some leftover strawberries!

Jeanne said...

Oh, the thought of bouncing on that school bus! I can even smell it as I read :) Don't you remember riding with the football players uniforms? Not too bad on the way there, but the way home peuwee! I can't believe Steven WANTS to ride the bus to school. Crazy codger! I never wanted to ride that thing!