Saturday, April 4, 2009

Amanda Lily Photos

Hey everyone. If you look at the blogs I follow, and click on "Simply Splendid", there are some of the professional photos we had done of Amanda Lily, on her blog under "Starring Amanda Lily"
She posted them a couple of days ago, and I am sooooo happy with the outcome. She took over 1000 photos of Amanda Lily in 2 hours! So far, she has only been able to upload around half, and is still working on the others. If any of you are thinking of having AWESOME photos taken of your little ones, I highly recommend Paula. Once I choose a favorite, I am having it oil painted onto canvas for my Mothers Day gift. (: So far, its the one with the flower headband and the pink dress, but like I said, I haven't even seen half of them yet, so we will see!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Jeanne said...

Oh my stars and stripes Cyndi! She is gorgeous!!!!! I totally love the pink headband one! What a great Mother's Day idea (for yourself). I may have to copy that! The one with her walking on the dock is so beautiful, too!

Trish said...

No surprise but when you left the other day I was thinking what a great oil portrait it would make. You must do it and the pink is my fav also.