Friday, October 2, 2009

Cool Picture/ Update

George got me this underwater camera that takes really neat photos. This is a shot he took of Steven the other day underwater in our pool. Cool, huh?

We are all doing great. The school year is in full swing now, along with Ballet, Tennis, and Awana. I am volunteering in Stevens class on Wednesdays, and Amanda Lily's on Mondays. I am having a great time being involved in their education.

The restaurant is starting to pick up again...Thank Goodness. We are happy to see some of our "snow bird" patrons returning, that we haven't seen since Spring. They bring in their pictures from their Summer adventures. It is cool to talk with them and catch up.

We are getting as much out of the pool as possible. I am loving the cooler weather, but it won't be long until the kids can't just cannon ball into the water. However, I am looking forward to a crisp night in the heated jacuzzi. (;
This is just an update post to let everyone know how things are going. Hope all is well in your little worlds!!!!!


Janet said...

Hey Cyndi - love the underwater pic - your pool looks great, too. Sounds like you are a very fulfilled mom doing so much with your kiddos. We have Awana at our church, too and my kids love it! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog about homeschooling. I really appreciated it! Glad to see you're doing good!

Jeanne said...

Ok, Amanda Lily is stunningly beautiful! I love the pictures. Good for you being so involved with your kids schooling! I KNOW the teachers appreciate it :) Hey, I'm doing my part for your family's restaurant. I had it Friday for lunch and tonight for dinner!!

Deborah said...

an underwater camera? cool! that's awesome that you got a jacuzzi too...i want one so bad! :) BTW...DC was just a little last minute trip planned b/c I got an email of good flight prices (jetblue) so we just decided to go. Maybe we'll go again with the kids one day...we still didn't get to see it all! Oh, the slideshow is so easy...go to