Sunday, October 25, 2009

Jack O Lanters

Last night, we had our neighborhood friends over to carve out Jack O Lanterns. We had dinner first, then got to it. The Martins had to leave for a Trunk or Treat, so it left us to carve with Larry and Trish and their family. We had LOTS of fun! Trish carved out Sponge Bob, while I took on Steven's Boba Fet Star Wars guy. George, using his trammel power tool, did Amanda Lily's Belle. We got big laughs out of my husband with his power tools, but I have to say his ended up being my favorite. Amanda Lily of course is so happy with it, too. The kids were so funny cleaning out the inside of the pumpkins. Steven and Ben would have no part of sticking his hands in and pulling out the pumpkin "guts". Amanda Lily and Josh did it, but were both totally grossed out doing it. Ha!

On a sad note, we got a call from Greece this morning saying that our beloved Yia Yia had past away. She lived a long life, but it was sudden, and no one was prepared. George is very devastated by the loss of his Grandmother, but thank goodness we have our faith to know we will all see her again. Going to Greece this summer will not be the same. Steven and Amanda Lily both know she is in heaven, but I don't think they grasp the concept of her not being here anymore. Please keep our family and extended family in your prayers.

Here is a photo of her with Steven, Amanda Lily, and a couple other cousins last summer. She was a wonderful lady who will be truely missed.

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