Monday, September 27, 2010

When I hear music it makes me.....

feel old!!!!!
Then, an instant smile comes across my face. I just LOVE that beat. (:
My nephew, Tre' had his 7th birthday party at Skate World! It was loads of fun for the kids, and no one broke anything, so I would say it was successful. Happy Birthday Big Boy!

I wonder if those are the same brown skates we wore at mine and my brother's double birthday party 25 years ago??? Hmmmm. They sure look the same. The place hasn't changed much either. Scott and Mary were even there, running things just like old times. Hope you all enjoy this blast from the past post. This song was my FAVORITE to do the "shuffle". Oh man....are we old?????

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Trish Buffkin said...

How funny! My roommate would play this song NONSTOP when we were getting ready to go out. Good times!