Thursday, October 7, 2010


I've had so much fun doing Halloween crafts this year. I promised myself to get a head start on making some easy decor for around the house. I scoured other blogs for creative inspiration, and here is what I ended up with. I am sharing it with you in hopes that you will be inspired as well!

My personal favorite is the "SPOOKY" banner. I am so pleased with the way it turned out. You need to have a cricut to do this one.

The monogrammed pumpkin is an easy and lasting alternative to carving. I became very annoyed last year after working hard on our kids intricately detailed carved pumpkins, only to watch them grow mold and rot in a matter of days. This guy will last all season, then be ready to use for pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! I used cricut, once again, to cut out the stencil for my "K". It took me about 45 mins to paint the dots and "K" onto him.

E-E-K is just plain fun. I couldn't decide whether to hang it from our dinning room chandelier, or over the bar in the kitchen, maybe next year it'll move. I bought wooden letters from Michael's then painted them and hung them from grosgrain ribbon underneath a spider and her web.

The picture in the entryway is of George and me on our first Halloween date. We celebrated that night down at Church Street Station during it's "hay day". I put it out every year to remind me of the way we were.

I also had to include the ceramic Jack O Lantern mom passed down to me after we were married. He sat on our kitchen table every Halloween during my childhood. Mom painted and fired him at a ceramics shop back in 1984. I LOVE HIM.

The homemade projects are easy, inexpensive, and it's fun to get the kids involved too! My little artsy girl and I had some great quality time together working on them.

Happy Crafty Halloween!


Janet said...

Love the decorations, Cyndi! You are so crafty! I do more of the Fall decor rather than Halloween - the spiders and ghosts creep me out. I don't think I could handle the rats either - but it is really cute. Love the "eek" sign and the monogrammed pumpkin! Happy Halloween!

Living It At Home said...

Love your enthusiasm for decorating for Halloween! My favorite thing to do too! I love the mice and I have those from Martha also! Please come by for a visit for more ideas for Halloween! Have a wonderful weekend!