Monday, February 21, 2011

Anyone have any Vegetable Garden Tips?

We have a great spot in our backyard to plant a garden. We didn't plant anything last year, because I knew we would be heading to Greece for a month and no one would be here to care for it. Now that the kids are older, we would like to take on more than just Tomatoes. Anyone have any tips or suggestions of veggies that are easy and plentiful? Amanda Lily wants to plant broccoli. I was thinking about cucumbers and tomatoes for salad.
Here's a photo of the land we have. George dug it up and built a small wall around it for us a few years back, and as you can see, there is MUCH work to be done. I've already pulled up the weeds, and Hubs tilled it for me. I know I need to work lots of manure and fertilizer into the soil before planting. I would like to have it all planted by this weekend. Any advice is very welcomed!

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