Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally like Florida again....kind of

Last weekend was the start of weather we Floridians are accustomed to. (I have no idea what happened this winter, but all I can say is brrrrrrrrrrr) I'm such a solar powered person! I LOVE the sun. So, I've been so happy to be out in it.
We were invited by Uncle Dan and Aunt Jess to take a day trip out on their boat. The children thought it was the coolest thing ever. They each took a turn at driving the boat, and were both impressed by all you can see from the prospective of a lake. Amanda Lily was a "crazy driver" spinning us in circles, while Steven screamed at her to slow down. At his turn driving, he was very safe and wanted to know exactly how everything worked. He drove us in a straight line, not too fast, not to slow. Typical of my two. They are like night and day. It was such a beautiful day, just a little cold when going fast, so we had them bundled up.
Just think, soon we will be out in our backyards, pulling out all those winter weeds! I'm so excited to think of the gardening in our future. Sun Sun Sun.

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