Friday, March 11, 2011

Art Fair 2011

Tonight, our son's school held their annual Art Fair. The kids all work hard on artwork, then it's all set up in the Gym as an Art Fair. Steven was very proud of his art. He only had one piece on display, because the kids have been working on the projects all year. Being that he started late, he missed out on the chance to make more than one piece. Of course, I loved it. Another part I loved was the singing. The kids from pre k on up thru 4th grade sang. Each grade took turns, and my heart was so happy to hear their young voices.
Amanda Lily had tons of fun catching up with old friends from Pre K, and got to meet her Teacher for next year. Ms Bierlin said that she felt like she already knew Amanda Lily from all the little girls talking about her. It made me feel good to know she will be going into a class where she will be welcomed with open arms by the Teacher and kids.'s the artwork, along with the proud artist!

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