Monday, June 11, 2012

Church Softball League

In an effort to steer Steven in a different athletic direction, hubby decided to play softball on our churches team. He and Steven can really get at each other at times, but they are also so very close. Steven looks up to everything George does, and wants to be just like him. George and I are both huge football fans, and our kids are too. However, the parent in us doesn't want our kid out there being tackled hard and possibly hurt. We thought if he saw his Dad playing softball, it might peak an interest in Steven to play baseball instead. 

George had a great time with the guys from church. He has never played baseball or softball in his life, so it was a challenge to learn all the rules on the fly. I literally found myself coaching him from the stands. He did AWESOME! He ended up becoming the catcher for the team, and they were 3rd in the league at seasons end. At play offs, they were eliminated in the second round. 

The kids and I had fun cheering him on from the stands, but in the end, Steven still has his heart set on playing football in the fall....not baseball or soccer or basketball. Sigh. I guess I'll just have to keep praying he doesn't get hurt.

Oh, as for George, he says he'll definitely be playing on the church team again next year.

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