Friday, June 15, 2012

Palm Island Getaway

For our first official summer beach trip, we were invited to make a trip to Palm Island with our friends, the Buffkin family. It ended up being an amazing trip. I LOVE traveling with this family. It always makes for a wonderful time.

Trish and I did some pre vacation planning, and decided we would do a treasure hunt for the kids. We bought and painted a large wooden treasure box, and filled it with all kinds of jewels and goodies for the kids. The dads job was to bury the treasure. So early in the morning while everyone was still sleeping, Larry snuck down to the beach and did the deed. Trish designed a treasure map, burnt edges and all. We rolled it up into an old wine bottle, and tossed it out into the ocean near where the kids were swimming. It didn't take long for them to notice it. Steven recovered it, and they all rushed to the shore to take the message out of the bottle. How exciting to unroll a treasure map! The older boys were suspect right away, but they went along with the fun for the benefit of the younger ones. They all worked together to read the map and figure out where the treasure could be hidden. It lead them to a spot that had a beautiful sea shell. I suggested they start digging, and they each took a turn until they hit something. The girls squealed with delight. The older boys turned it into a "who dunit" mystery, and made it their mission to figure out the who, how, and when we adults were able to pull it all off. F-U-N memories.

What's that in the distance?

Steven recovering the message in a bottle.

What's this? The message in a bottle is a map. The kids see the landmarks and......

Off to find the spot.

Dig Dig Dig

Dad power helps get to the treasure chest.



Taking the loot back to the house.

One gold coin for Grace.

Josh's favorite find was the "toilet bowl candy" You dip the "plunger" into the bowl and lick the candy off.

Here are more photos of the fun we all had.

George and the boys on the paddle boat.

George manning the grill on steak night.

Boys digging holes.

George introducing the kids to sand fleas.

The girls were treated to a close encounter with a tortoise when we took a ride around the island on the golf cart.

Surfs up!

Steven and George collecting shark teeth.

Grace and Amanda Lily flying a kite on our last evening.

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