Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning 2012

Hubs and I did all the Christmas wrapping a few nights before Christmas Eve. When all of our family was gone, and the kiddos were settled in bed, we waited until there was silence. The next morning, we had an exciting time letting the kids open their presents, and giving each other special gifts. I love a good surprise, and Christmas morning is the ultimate.

George got Steven his Diving gear. Steven will take the certification classes and tests this Spring. Hopefully diving will become a relaxing hobby these two can share and bond over.

Amanda Lily's dance instructor once told me that even though she is one of the smallest in her class, she is a fierce and determined dancer. When I saw this T Shirt, I thought she must have it.

George bought these adorable boots for Amanda Lily. He also spoiled me with two pairs of Tory Burch boots, and my favorite Christmas gift of all time.....Canon DSLR 60D. Woo Hoo!

After all the Christmas Eve hustle and bustle, then waiting up until the wee hours, then waking in the early morning light, we were ready for a long winters nap. However, the kids were ready for Christmas breakfast. George had already gone back to bed and there was no moving him. So, we all pilled up in our bed and had breakfast together there. He and I did get in a little nap before heading off to Christmas with his Mom at the family farm.

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