Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas on Yia Yia's Farm

Christmas afternoon and dinner was spent out at the family farm. We enjoyed a lovely dinner, conversation, gifting, and of course Greek dancing! One highlight was all the fun I had with my new camera, so lots of pictures!!!! I've warned the kids that if they think I was annoying with my camera before, they ain't seen nothin yet!

Yia Yia made everyone's favorite, Galacobourecto

Yia Yia's gift to Amanda Lily was a sewing machine. How exciting!

Everyone had so much fun playing with Yanni. This was his first Christmas, so it was a special one.

Amanda Lily made him a special gift. The first thing she ever sewed on her own.....a blanket for baby Yanni. She and I went to the craft store and she chose the fabrics and thread. The pictures do it no justice at all. It is yellow and teal blue with little animals all over it. She was so happy to give it to him, and as small as he is, he seemed very glad to have it! He immediately put it over his head and started playing peek a boo with her. So Sweet.

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