Monday, October 22, 2012

Who needs a Jackson Polluck?

When you have a class of 5th graders!
Jackson Polluck is a popular artist who approaches his work in the super fun way of "throwing." Steven's class made a HUGE canvas Jackson Polluck style to auction off at our schools annual fundraiser. The kids had fun throwing the paint by using all sorts of objects. We had each of them bring in an old Tshirt to wear over their uniforms. They used sticks, squirt bottles, turkey basters, paint brushes and kitchen whisks, all without ever touching the canvas. The end result was actually really neat looking, and it sold at the auction for over $500! Way to go 5th Grade!

How fun would this be to do at a kids birthday party? Or, even to do with the kids during break or a long weekend. I would use smaller canvases, and let them hang them in their rooms.

Brooke and Steven were the messiest "artists"

The end result was so cool! 

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