Thursday, January 24, 2013

Steven's First Ever Basket

Steven has been playing basketball this year with his school's team. He and his classmates are the youngest on the team, and are considered "second string." I call them "The Bugs", because as Uncle Pete says, you gotta be the bug before you are the windshield. LOL So, when "the bugs" get a chance to get in there and play, they do their very best. I get incredibly nervous because I don't want them to mess up their teams undefeated season. Steven and his friend Jordan both scored their first ever baskets on the same night. When Steven made his basket, our entire side came off their benches cheering for him and calling out his name. His team mates all gave him Hi Fives. The parents and teachers all knew it was the first time he'd scored, and showed him so much love from the sidelines. He was so happy, and said afterward it was the best moment, and he couldn't even find words to describe how he felt. George and I were both there cheering as loudly as we could, which made it all the sweeter. This will be one of those "times" I'll never forget.

I happened to catch this shot of him making his way to the other end of the court right after making the big basket. LOVE that smile.

Steven and Jordan after the game.

Coach Hoffert let Steven and Jordan lead the way in the "good game" line after the game, because they each made their first scores.

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