Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Love a Parade!

Our kids school was invited to be in our small town annual parade in honor of George Washington's birthday.They were so very excited because neither of them had ever been in a parade.  George and I waited anxiously as the floats passed by, then finally heard the patriotic music and kids singing. They were waving their American flags and singing at the tops of their voices. Afterwards, we all enjoyed a lite breakfast at our local coffee shop, before hitting the rock climbing wall and jumper.

Before the parade

Antique police car

Steven's favorite part of the parade

Police horses


Just my luck, Steven was seated on one side of the float, and Amanda Lily was on the other side! I did get lucky though. This picture has both kids in it. I was screaming her name to try and get her attention over all the crowd and loud speakers. She turned and waved just as I snapped my camera. Steven was so cute playing his bell.

I LOVE this shot of Steven. He's strapped in ready to bounce himself to the sky.

Looks like they were having so much fun. Makes a mama happy.

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