Sunday, December 21, 2008

Church Christmas Padgeant

Both Steven and Amanda Lily participated in this years Christmas Program at our church. Steven was an elf who helped with the singing. Amanda Lily had a small speaking part. Her lines were "Grandpa Biddlebop, tell us again about your first Christmas at Santa's workshop." and "I just love that story" Pretty simple stuff, but we were sure proud that at a young 4 years, she had no problem speaking into the microphone in front of around 400 people. I was certain that she was going to have a panic attack and run off the stage, but she did not. She was very composed and said her lines perfectly. Her only concern was that someone was going to put makeup on her face.....that she did not want, and she most likely would not have done it if they had. The play was the same weekend that the stomach bug had gone through my house. Steven and Ben (his friend that had also been sick) were standing side by side in the play. Trish and I had our fingers crossed that the two of them didn't start throwing up!

Aunt Mary, Mom, Yia Yia, George, and myself were there armed with cameras, but none of us got really good photos. The kids were all great, and we were once again thrilled to watch.

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