Monday, December 1, 2008


This Thanksgiving has been all I would have hoped it to be. Mom, Dad, and Larry drove down from Georgia to spend the Holiday together. Mom and I started prep on Wednesday, then finished things up on Thursday morning. Our job was easy this year, as it was my Sister in Law Heather's turn as Hostess at her and Pete's house. Mom and I were responsible for the ham, green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle, and garlic roasted maple carrots. I also was in charge of the "kids table". Everything turned out so nice. It was particularly great for me because I had both sides of my family present. We had dinner around 6:30, and of course watched and played football in the backyard. Some photos are from Thanksgiving morning of Steven and George in the backyard playing football. The guys played play station while waiting for us girls to get things together. I mostly helped out with Sweet Sophie. She had skipped her nap, and refused to fall asleep even though she was so tired. I don't really blame her though....who wants to sleep when your entire family is at your house! Too much fun going on. Dinner was wonderful...we have leftovers out of our ears. (Ham and turkey sandwiches for a month) We just took most of the leftover side dishes up to the restaurant for the employees to enjoy.

Earlier in the week, Steven had a Thanksgiving Feast at school. It was fun to have all the kids in the classroom for lunch. He didn't eat a bite of his lunchroom food, with the exception of his bisquit. Those of you who know him, understand. He told me that the Turkey and Gravy looked like "dog food" I have created a very picky eater by cooking most of his meals and sending him with a lunch box everyday. I pride myself in putting healthy food in my kids bodies. It is one thing that I am pretty consistent about as a Mother. I think it is very important. I could really run off on a rabbit trail here on nutrition, but I'll save that for another blog. I am after all posting about Thanksgiving!

Our family tradition is to pick out our Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving night. I usually string the lights on it, then we all decorate it the following day. This year, the kids were so excited to decorate it that we went ahead and got it all done on Thanksgiving night. I was happy to get it done. Now we only have to get the "Kids Tree" put up in the kids activity room. That is actually a project for us to do today.

What am I thankful for? This year I am really thankful that I am an American. Maybe you are thinking, what???? The economy is awful, the price of gas, the war, etc. I realize that alot of us are "hurting" financially, but in reality, WE ARE NOT. We as Americans are spoiled. Most of the world does not have clean water to drink.....we mop our floors with it. And, we have the audacity to complain about the price of gas? Many citizens of our world are happy to walk miles

to get food for their families. I have been guilty of muly grubbing myself, but I have a new outlook. Thank you God that I am blessed in so many ways, and please forgive me for my selfish heart.


Jennifer said...

I'm glad it all worked out...where are the photos? I can't wait till we all get together for Christmas :)

Jennifer said...

Ok, I found the pics!

Deborah said...

yeah, we are very blessed people! I am glad you had such a good thanksgiving!

Jeanne said...

Amen sister! For real! We are blessed abundantly more than we could ask or imagine, aren't we? I'm excited to read your blog on nutrition!