Saturday, April 18, 2009

Clowning Around

For April Fools Day this year, our Awana club(kids church club) had all the clubbers dress up as jesters or clowns. Steven decided he wanted to be "Super Clown". We have a cape and superhero shirt, so he wore that and I painted his face. I was very apprehensive about painting his face, but it actually came out really cute. He was very excited to share in the fun with his Sparkie friends at church.

Amanda Lily on the other hand had NO interest in having anything put on her face. She's always been really particular about stuff like that. She gets upset over it, so I didn't push the issue. I told her that all of her friends would have their faces painted and be dressed up, and I didn't want her to feel bad about it. When we got there, she saw them all, and was actually very happy with her decision to go as "Amanda Lily". If it would have been something like Princesses, she would have been all over it. She thought the clown thing was very "silly" You really have to know her to understand what I am trying to get across. She is just very set in her ways, like she knows what she likes and what she doesn't, and there is no changing her mind or talking her into anything.
If any of you ever do need to paint your kids faces, there is a wealth of instructions on the web. I even learned that clowns never have their top lip painted! Who knew?


Jeanne said...

Amanda Lily sounds like she'll be no follower :) Good for her. Princess Amanda Lily! Oh, I love these days, don't you? Steven looks adorable with his red nose.

Deborah said...

i love painting kids faces! so fun!