Sunday, April 19, 2009

OPA!!! OPA!!!

Cronia Pola! Christos Anesti! (Happy Easter, Christ is Risen) Today our family celebrated Greek Easter. We did it a little different this year, and had it out at Stavro and Amanda's property. I was really glad we did, because George has built a four wheeler track out there, and it was allot of fun riding around. We had traditional Greek Food, and of course the Lamb roasted on the spit. I was very proud of myself because I made George's all time favorite Greek dessert, Galacoboreko. It is allot like an egg custard, and it takes some patience in the kitchen. I was a bit worried of how it would be received by my father in law, after all, he is a professional. He really enjoyed it though, and so did George. I am eating some right now. (: We had about 20 people. All of our Greek Family and a few friends. Pam, Andrew, and the boys came by, as did Amanda Lily's American Godfather, Dan. We all had a good time. Steven and Pam's son Caleb were the one's having the most fun though.....Steven drove Caleb around the track for a good hour. It was really nice to enjoy each other's company, and of course a little Ouzo and Opa!


Jennifer said...

Once again....THANKS 4 THE INVITE!! All "caps" means that I'm yelling! Why don't I ever get the phone call? What's up with that?! You are on like...strike 4 or 5. Way too many chances have been given to you girls!

Deborah said...

yeah, where's my invite!?! :) just kidding! the 4 wheeler track looks awesome though!