Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Constuction Begins...YEA!!!!!

Today, construction has begun on our pool. FINALLY! You all don't know the patience I have learned in the past month. From loans, to permits, it has been a real challenge getting things lined up. A month back, George promised Steven and his close friend Ben that he would allow them to watch as all the heavy equipment worked, so we were able to full fill that promise. I went and checked them both out from school, and the looks on their faces when they saw each other in the office was priceless! Ben came up first, having no idea what was going on. Once he saw that it was me checking him out, he got this huge grin on his face. I said, "Ben, do you know why I am here?" He's like...YEP! Then when Steven arrived and saw Ben and myself standing there, they both started jumping up and down. I had not told them, but they remembered, and they knew I was there to make good on the promise. Once we were at home, the guy driving the bobcat put on a show. I was even impressed. It looked like it would be a lot of fun driving that thing. He was doing wheelies and 360's. Thank you Trish for letting us steal Ben away from school for a few hours. Only the cool moms do stuff like that. (; They were both very sad when I checked them back in, but were glad they got to have the experience.


Jeanne said...

You are the BEST mom! I mean you checked Steven AND his friend out for the pool construction! Oh yeah! I'm excited for you. We'd love to have a pool one day! :)

Deborah said...

you are a cool mom! That is a memory he'll keep forever and love you so much for! I want a pool too...we're hoping one of these days! We'll see!

Trish said...

Cute little workers you have there! Ben can't wait to help move some dirt. Thanks for making their dreams come true.