Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Steven

So, this past Saturday was my son's birthday! He turned a big 7 years old. He wants a pool party, and since our pool has been delayed due to weather, we've pushed the party back a couple of weeks. Honestly, I need the break anyways. We have had birthday party after birthday party and between that and Amanda Lily's recent ballet recital, I am glad I get to take a breath! I'll post party photos afterwards. We did get the immediate family together for a birthday dinner at a restaurant of his choosing. He chose Rain forest Cafe at downtown Disney. We had a blast. Pam, Andrew, and the boys came as well. (Jennifer, don't kill us, it was last minute, and you were headed to Graceville anyhow). (: If any of you haven't been, and you live close enough to go, I highly recommend it. Not for the food......it's ok, the atmosphere is AWESOME! Every 15 mins there is a rain storm. As if we haven't had enough of that lately. lol Steven was excited that he got to sit at the head of the table. He, Dad, and Uncle Pete sparred in Tic Tack Toe, and Steven was the winner. Uncle Pete got him once, but they were playing two out of three, and Steven won the other two games, so he ultimately won. George used to be the Tic Tack Toe master, until he taught Steven all of his tricks, now he is hard to beat! It was a fun night, and Steven was happy to share his birthday dinner with close friends and family.
*Jen, this was Monday night! (:


Jeanne said...

Man, your kids were close together 2 years apart :) Rainforest cafe is a cool idea! It's great to see ole Pammy in these pics. Tell her hi for me. Happy birthday Steven!!

Jennifer said...

We are no longer friends. I left for Graceville on Monday. Friendship divorce papers will be in the mail shortly.