Friday, December 11, 2009

Mrs Fisher's Seussical Surprise

Steven's Teacher recently celebrated her birthday. I decided to surprise her with a party with the class. Her favorite author is Dr. Seuss, and she loves the book Green Eggs and Ham. So, I went with that for a theme. She was genuinely surprised and very happy.

I read the story to the class before serving them green eggs and ham. They were hilarious! Imagine a group of 2nd graders with green eggs in front of them. Ha.
Every one of them were good sports and gave them a try. I actually didn't end up throwing many away! Then for my favorite part of all.....the cupcakes. I made "Thing One" and "Thing Two". Shut Up, they were cute. Super easy, but let me know if you make them, because I have some pointers. Here are the photos from the day. Fun Fun Fun

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Jeanne said...

Oh won't you please come to my school and pamper me like that? I love it :)