Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dance with me Paraskevi

Today was "bring a friend to Ballet" day at Amanda Lily's ballet school. Although all of her dance friends brought little friends their own ages, she insisted on bringing her cousin Paraskevi. Paraskevi and her new husband, George, just came to Florida for a visit all the way from Greece! We are so happy to have them here with us. They are the couple that got married this past summer while we were visiting. (Amanda Lily was one of her flower girls.) Just check out these pictures.....Amanda Lily was so proud as she stood next to Paraskevi, lined up ready to go into class, and Paraskevi was gracious to play along. She was the only adult aloud in the ballet studio, and you couldn't have wiped the smile off of my little girls face. While many of the other dancers were playing with their friends, Amanda Lily was ALL business. She is very serious about her ballet, and was ready to dance for her cousin. It was too cute. It made me very happy to watch the two of them in the studio together, making happy memories to recall when Amanda Lily feels sad because we are 1000's of miles apart.

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