Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful Box

There was no school on Thursday in honor of Veterans Day. We LOVE our Veterans, and are thankful for their service and sacrifice. Steven talks about one day joining the Air Force, just like his Popa Bear. As a Mother, I must admit, the thought makes my heart skip a beat.

Anyhow, with all we have to be thankful for on our minds, we decided to make a Thankful Box. It was a simple and fun craft. I had the kids decorate a shoebox with fall themed scrapbook paper. They measured the box using a ruler, then transferred their measurements to the paper. Lastly, cut and paste, and it's a done deal. I slit a small opening in the lid of the box, and each day the kids get to write a sentence of what they are Thankful for and slip it into the box.

Amanda Lily's first sentence was "I am thankful for my dolls."
Steven's was "I am thankful for my family."
We shall see what notes of gratitude the coming days bring!

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