Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolution for 2011

CLEAN OUT....ORGANIZE...and do all those little things around the house that I've always wanted to do. Aka.....FLUFFING THE NEST!
My plan is a simple one. 12 months, 12 rooms. Each month I resolve to improve an area/room in our home, and do so on a BUDGET. We have lived in our home for 4 years now, and it's finally time to customize it to our taste. I got the ok from my Hubs, and the promise to NEVER move, unless it's because of unforseen circumstances. So, I have liberty to throw my ideas and decorative heart into the place. I have TONS of ideas and creative energy. I'll post along the way, so I can look back on the befores and afters and revell in my job (hopefully) well done. Also, maybe I'll inspire some of you to CLEAN OUT....ORGANIZE....AND FLUFF YOUR NESTS!!!
My first transformation was in the laundry room. My laundry room, unfortunately, is connected to my kitchen. That means that as you sit at the kitchen table, your view is of the laundry room. Most of the time, I try and keep the door closed, especially if we have guests, but I myself got tired of looking and seeing all those cleaning products staring back at me. The remedy? Clearance baskets from JoAnn's. I spent a whole $9 on two oversized baskets, and put all of the products inside. I also recycled 5 cleaning product bottles that were either empty or had replacements. So, although I still intend to close the door when I have company, I now have a neat laundry room. Another bonus, the bottles no longer topple over and cause a domino effect of toppling cleaning products when I reach for one in the back. (: Only thing is, after looking at the pictures, I feel like I need a third basket up there. What do you think?

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Jennifer said...

This makes me laugh! I say that because we also plan on doing one room at a time (9 rooms total) yet we plan on doing this in like 5 months because we hope to SELL our house! Nothing major, just simple. I also laugh because tonight (before I read this) I said to Joey "I thought we were gonna do one room at a time? Let's work on the Laundry room tomorrow" Maybe this is why we are so close! We too often think alike!