Friday, January 28, 2011

Girls Trip to Disney

Thursday was a FUN girls trip to Disney. Trish and I planned the day weeks ago, but I never mentioned it to Amanda Lily. So, as the day approached, I decided it should be a surprise for her. That Thursday morning was as typical as any. I packed both kids lunches, and we headed off to drop Steven at his school first. Amanda Lily was so surprised when we reached her school, and I said "OK Cookie, I need you to wave good bye to your school" She was like What Mom??? Why are you driving past my school??? I told her to take off her backpack and throw it in the back of the car because we were off to Disney. She couldn't believe it! She told me I was the best Mom ever, and I quote "I've always wanted a Mother like you, and if I didn't have you, I would want you, even when you are mad." LOL LOL LOL
We picked up Trish and Grace, and before we knew it, the girls were skipping arm in arm into the park. We did all the girlie stuff, and had a wonderful time. They had their faces painted and talked with the Princesses, rode Tea cups and the Carousel. We did every ride on our list and the lines were SHORT.We lasted all the way til the Spectro Magic Parade and Fireworks! Amanda Lily's favorite part of the day was when she rode Space Mountain for the first time. I wasn't sure how she would take it, because Steven hates it. She has lots of her Mommy in her though, because she LOVED it. She immediately turned around to me as the ride stopped and squealed "AGAIN MOMMY!!!!!" She is much more into taking risks...Steven likes to play it safe. I took tons of pictures, as always, but I was sad that I didn't get any with Grace in her Snow White costume. Both girls changed into their Princess costumes, but Grace tooks hers off after a while. They had so much fun together.
It was a beautiful day, and we can't wait til the next "girls only" trip.

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