Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Amanda Lily had the great honor of being cast as the lead dancer in her classes part in Mt Dora School of Ballet's, Mother Goose Suite. She danced the part of "Mary", in Mary Had a Little Lamb. We are so very proud of the job she did. She smiled and danced her part with grace and confidence. My heart pounded in my chest with pride, and a little worry. (Lord, please don't let her fall!) The performance was held at Lake Sumter Community Colleges auditorium, and it was sold out 2 weeks prior! Lots of parents, grandparents, friends, and well wishers came out to watch the girls dance. We didn't get any action shots because flash photography was not allowed. Her Papou Stavros, enjoyed watching so much, it brought tears to his eyes. He told me he had no idea she could dance like that. It was a lovely weekend, and we are so very proud of our hard working tiny dancer!

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