Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Cruise

Wow-Wee! We had a fabulous time on our vacation with our close friends Dan and Jessica, and we LOVED it! No kiddos this time around, which was an adjustment, but once we got into the groove of things, we had a blast. We both feel that it's important to keep our relationship "hot" separate of the children. It is not lost on us that one day all too soon, they will be gone and it will be just the two of us again. We need to stay connected, and this was the perfect get away.
If any of you are planning on a cruise, this is the one. The ship itself holds over 6000 passengers and 1500 crew members. It also has a Starbucks Coffee on board, along with specialty restaurants for discriminating eaters. We did scuba diving, snorkeling, jet sking, and a couples massage at the spa. My favorite excursion was to a private beach "Malfini beach" in Haiti. The water was gorgeous, and the snorkeling was awesome. We saw jelly fish, sea turtles, a school of thousands of fish, and all kinds of coral. I also loved that I had a little private area on a cliff where I read my Better Homes and Garden mag while the others lazed in the ocean beneath. Another first was having a bartender serve us coconuts from a palm tree, and drinking the milk right out of the fruit! It was a very bland taste, but refreshing. During scuba in Mexico, we saw berracuda, sea turtles, eels, and SHARKS! Good thing Jessica and I were only snorkeling above, because as soon as we saw the sharks, I was O-U-T of the water and back on the boat. The guys enjoyed the Jet Ski's, because the tour guides really let them open it up and get WILD. We were a bit concerned that we would have to move slowly along, but they really let us do pretty much whatever we wanted once we were out in the ocean. In Jamaica, we sailed the ocean in a catamaran. It was a beautiful vessel, but not our favorite snorkeling with a ton of people. Also, not to be missed is Adrian the bar tender at the Latin Bar Boleros. He was amazing and so fun. The adult game show "The Quest" was hilarious. It is a scavenger hunt that involves the audience. It is not corny...it is a must. They say: "What happens during The Quest, stays on the open sea." Lord, I sure hope so, for Danny's sake! It was beyond words fun, and we made so many great memories. These are just a few of my favorite pics of the over 500 that we took.

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