Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Photo Out Takes

My sister in law did me a huge favor and came to the house to take some pictures of my family with her professional camera. I'm trying to get my Christmas card together. My very favorite one is of the kids. I feel it really captures the essence of who they are right now. Steven is very playful, and all about military and being a super spy, while Amanda Lily is more prim and proper. We were trying to get them to sit back to back by the fireplace for a potential nice shot. I told them to act natural, and this is what we got.

Then there is this one. Can't you just feel the sibling love? LOL

These two are of me and my girl, just for fun. I literally have people stop me everywhere we go together and tell me how uncanny it is how much Amanda Lily and I look alike. Especially now that she has glasses. I had Heather take a couple of shots of just the two of us, so we could look back one day. Just in case her looks start to change.

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