Sunday, November 20, 2011

Neighborhood Christmas Decorating

I have a FABULOUS neighborhood. I mean, really. Our immediate next door neighbors are awesome, but that sentiment extends throughout the majority of my "hood". We have all kinds here, and we are a diverse group. However, many of us are in the same stage of life, and most of us have pretty much the same ideals as parents. I love being the house that all the kids come to, but I also enjoy that I can send mine out the door and not have to worry.
We neighbors all got together recently to hang out in our hood, and decorate the common areas for Christmas. I initially thought this was a wonderful idea, but now I wish I could sneak out in the night and take them all down. All the neighborhood kids love the decor, if that says anything. I know I can be a bit much when it comes to details, but it really drives me insane that none of the Christmas lights match. It's like everyone went to their garages and got out any OLD Christmas lights they no longer want, and brought them out to decorate. For instance, out by the neighborhood fountain, one shrub has multicolored lights, and the next has white. Some light bulbs are big, some are small. The lights are strung in no particular order......It looks like a hot mess.
I guess I should look on the bright side. The getting together part was great. We really enjoyed hanging out and having a neighborhood lunch. It's just those darn lights. At least we are festive????

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